Rural African Boy in America!

A shepherd boy, in the rural mountains and hills of Africa tending his father’s sheep, barefooted, with a shepherd’s stick to guide and direct his flock. By the tiny streams he leads his flock to quench their thirst, in the scotching sun of sub-sahara Africa. For this boy, lunch was some wild fruits in the bush, fresh sweet potatoes and ground nuts/peanuts on the farms and water for the thirst was to scoop out sand by the river bank in order to kneel and drink from it, as the sheep too are having their share. What is portable or tap water? Strange, unknown idea!  All about life was just what this boy saw, heard and knew, and with joy unspeakable did this boy live each day at a time.

A big scar and numerous tiny ones are what is physically left to remind this shepherd boy of his tending years. Accidents happen, and risk is involved in running up and down with no shoes on one’s young and tender feet, until the tender became callous with  constant heat and piercing thorns! For this boy, having to deal with, and coexist with some bullying seniors is a horrifying nightmare. Out of the little one had, seniors could demand for you to share or worse of all, they snatch it by force and eat all of it! But, you could cry a bit and quickly get over it before you receive the beating of your life for crying “like a woman!” Know that “men don’t cry!” We were being taught by such circumstances through our peers to be tough-to endure and having to pass through the day with little  or no food at all!

But, all of these were a training ground for building up endurance level, patience, perseverance and resilience!